About LUNA Photography

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I became inspired to join a photography class during my sophomore year of high school, unaware that I would fall completely in love with the art.  My teacher and my classmates instilled a sudden passion for photography that filled the void of questioning my purpose.

I worked day and night, beginning with film photography and developing my own images in a dark room, in order to be accepted into the Advanced Placement Studio Art class.  This class challenged students to create a valuable and aesthetic portfolio of 24 images using a camera and Adobe Photoshop that would be judged and scored at the end of the year.  Each project focused on a single theme, and mine was "The Art of Darkness".

The moon was a huge inspiration to me since I loved its

alluring and mysterious nature as it shone from far away in the endless bounds of space.  Its beauty within the darkness is what brought LUNA Photography to life.

Since then I have won awards in many competitions for my work including an image in the Photographer's Forum magazine of 2018 (top 100 in the world) and a display in the History Colorado Museum in Denver with Scholastic.

This became a passion of mine to capture the beauty around me and enhance images with my skills in Graphic Design, which I aim to major in in college.

Thank you very much for your support, and I hope my art inspires, moves, and excites you.

Love, Ciara Abeyta 


Portfolio Statement

“There must be some beauty left when the sun falls behind the horizon, or when the door closes or the soft glow of a bulb terminates. There must be something that most of us are prone to overlook. They claim that fear and monsters lurk in the dark, but it has its own beauty, unique and foreboding, that surpasses understanding to those who shun the night. ”