Baja, Mexico

This year I have the wonderful privilege to travel once again to Baja, Mexico and the surrounding areas from July 19-27.  Three years ago I traveled there for the first time and I was amazed by the culture and people.  My team was able to build a new 4-room home for a needy family , a luxury often impossible for many to reach. This year I will be a Group Leader on the trip and will be overseeing a group of several teenagers.  I will be in charge of nurturing them and giving them the best experience possible.  

I look forward to this trip in the coming months and cannot wait to step foot into the gorgeous country once more.  The people have touched my life more than they know with their unending kindness despite the poverty they live within.  The culture is a huge learning experience and is beautiful in every way.  I am nearly bilingual and will use this journey as an opportunity to better my second language.

ALL of your purchases will help fund this wonderful trip for me and my younger sister.  Thank you so much for your support!